Your Primary Mission


What is your primary mission?

Your “primary mission” is not about your business, it’s about you.

A short statement of whatever makes you get out of bed in the morning. It’s not about material assets; it’s your essence of your purpose.

The “primary mission” is very personal. The best way to know you have figured out your primary mission is that the statement makes you feel full of energy and commitment.

A sense of “that’s me!” Your primary mission gives you the ability to live your life on purpose rather than by accident.

It’s unique It’s truly about what you want for yourself it's all about you, put aside thoughts of putting other people first primary purpose already exists within you

The discovery process:

  • List what you don't want in your life
  • List what you DO want in your life
  • Set priorities and bust barriers
  • Write your eulogy
  • Write your primary mission

Write a short phrase or sentence but no more than a couple of sentences expressing the core of what you want your life to be all about.  

When you write it, you should feel energy, enthusiasm. Commitment and a sense of, “yes, that’s me”.

If not, you haven’t gotten it yet. Keep trying.

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