Evolvepreneur Secrets for Entrepreneurs (ebook)


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Attention! Do you want simple and effective ways to get started that don't cost a fortune in time or money? Discover the best steps for each strategy we teach and what the most important areas to focus on are, and even connect with your best customers and grow an online community.

If you're looking to succeed with quick start concepts for online entrepreneurs, this brand new book by John North reveals how startup entrepreneurs or someone looking to reboot their online business can understand how to create specific strategies to build their list, make offers and connect with their best buyers.

In this Amazing Book, you will discover...

  • The perfect mindset for startup entrepreneurs or someone looking to reboot their online business at this point that would virtually guarantee their success.
  • The big opportunities in quick start concepts for online entrepreneurs that many beginner, or even experienced entrepreneurs might be missing.
  • The #1 mistake entrepreneurs make in the area of quick start concepts.
  • The things that entrepreneurs are most likely to overpay for, and how they can avoid having their money sucked out of their pockets.
  • How podcasting can be a quick and easy way to market your book or ideas!
  • Simple and effective ways to get started that don't cost a fortune in time or money, the best steps for each strategy we teach, the most important areas to focus on, and even how to connect with your best customers and foster your own online community.
  • How to create specific strategies to build your list, make offers and connect with your best buyers.
  • Everything you need to know about how an entrepreneur can quickly start their own online business and starting creating their own community of buyers!
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Reign Goddess

Reviewed on 16th Jan 2023

Well researched text with verified information

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result,” Einstein said. New advances in technology have affected companies either positively or negatively depending on their flexibility to adjust to these changes. Positive impacts have been realized by managers and entrepreneurs who diversified their marketing services and sold their ideas to their target customers. I happily award “Startup Secrets for Entrepreneurs” by John North five out of five stars, which is written to empower both prospective and current entrepreneurs with knowledge on prevailing market trends and how they can manipulate advances in technology to their advantage.

John developed the, which helps entrepreneurs establish a wholly customized business system. He states that the focus should be on overall customer experience, for example, using multiple payment gateways to reduce withholding of funds by one portal. He further advises selling products in diverse currencies to lower buyer resistance. His idea of a holistic portal vouches for the provision of all services in one platform, which will enable the client to access all their services easily without following complex processes associated with the use of different domains.

The author emphasizes the importance of subscriber strategy, which aims are sending traffic to an entrepreneur’s website and ultimately morph into a client who makes purchases. John’s vast experience leads him to provide snippets of wisdom on what entrepreneurs can do, which will catapult their businesses to a different level. Therefore, John tested this insight and found them practical and easy to use by entrepreneurs worldwide. He shares the startup frameworks that he uses, the five stages to success in the new entrepreneurial world: Founder, explorer, organizer, investor, time-master, engagement in goal setting, and the benefits of one writing a book.

I enjoyed John’s inclusion of colorful illustrations. The pictures broke the monotony of narration, simplified the discussion, and enhanced my understanding of the concept that he shares. Writing from the first-person point of view, John diversifies his writing into prose, statements, flowcharts, and even bullet points. The effect was that he fully maintained my attention throughout my reading experience without tiring me down.

There is nothing I liked least in this book, where the author uses proven methods, which the author uses in his, which also backs its authenticity up. I commend him for sharing what the Coaching and Consulting Module can do. Hence, prospective clients can follow up on his statements with consultations. I recommend this book to managers and entrepreneurs seeking new ways of reaching their markets, while modifying existing methods to suit their needs.

Chris O'Byrne

Reviewed on 16th Jan 2023

Best business book in a long time

This is one of the best business books I've read in a long time. Yes, it's great for people just starting their business so they can start out with a solid foundation and follow the right steps instead of the "test, fail, test again, fail again, test yet again" process most of us went through. This is also great for people like me who already have a successful business. There is always room for improvement, and my business will benefit greatly in the coming months.

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